SECO Suntech Electronics, Corp.
   Top Features
Two 900MHz receiver, Diversiry Dual System, Variable 32 Channels System
 (Separate A 32ch, B 32ch)
Easy channel change by channel indicating LED and control knob on the front panel.
Battery remaining display on the front panel.
Professional quality Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4" Audio Output.
RF Carrier Frequency Range 925MHz ~ 937.5MHz (UHF)
Oscillation Type PLL Synthesized
Wireless Channel Pre-set 2 groups 32 Channel
(group1 : 16Channels, group2 : 16Channels)
Audio Frequency Response 50 ~ 17000Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio >110dB
T.H.D <0.1%
Sensitivity -100dBm
Squelch Dual Tone & Noise Mute
Audio Output Level Balanced : -11dBm / 600
Unbalanced : -11dBm / 10k
Output Connector Balanced XLR,
Unbalanced 1/4"
Antenna Type Helical Type
Power Supply DC 12V / 1.2A SMPS Adaptor
Dimension(mm) 419(W) x 225(D) x 45(H)mm
(1U Rack Size)
Weight 2.7Kg
   transmitter type
PX-3H Handheld PX-3B Bodypack CX-4 Dual Charger (option)
   compatibility type
UA-9300 AD-460D
900MHz Antenna Booster Wideband (460~1000MHz)
UHF 4-ch Antenna & DC Power Distributor
UA-9500 AB-901
Wideband Active Log-periodic Directional
boosting Antenna (400~1000MHz)
Wideban Antenna Relay Booster
(rack mounting)